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our leadership

Meet our head leadership and team leads who help run YALA week-in and week-out! Whether it's through pastoral roles, innies, outies, media, or worship, we have over 40 leaders representing over 7 churches in the area.

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Justin Rogers

Director of YALA

Justin Rogers has served as our director since 2021. Justin attends and serves at Broadmoor Baptist with is his wife Jesse, and their daughter Lyla Jo. Justin enjoys playing guitar, hunting, and growing a beard in his free time.

jared osborne

young adults pastor

broadmoor baptist

Jared Osborne is the young adults pastor of Broadmoor Baptist and has served at YALA since it's start in 2019. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Carrie, and raising their kids Judah & Millie. All while flexing his multitude of Air 1's every time he takes the stage.

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cade stepp &
MeAghan Hughes

innies team

Cade & Meaghan serve as co-leaders for our innies team. Their team is responsible for all indoor related serving opportunities and events.

kevin brunner &
emily cover

outies team

Kevin & Emily serve as co-leaders for our outies team. Their team is responsible for all outdoor related activities and events.

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dylan vaneaton &
abigail meza

creative team

Dylan & Abigial serve as co-leaders for our creative team. Their team is responsible for running our social media, graphic design, and website.

cole peterson

worship leader

Cole Peterson serves as our worship leader. He has served as a worship pastor at local churches and enjoys traveling with his worship band, Dwell. Cole is responsible for leading our worship team and all aspects of it.

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